Report a Diving Incident

When you visit the Online Incident Reporting System, you can review real-life diver experiences complemented by expert commentary to provide insight and help divers learn from each other. If you’ve experienced an incident, please take a moment to complete the online incident report form at

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  1. When I was 74 years-old, In March 2013, I was snorkeling off the coast of Zhihuatenejo, Mexico. I lost consciousness, gradually, and attempted to return to the boat. As I went under, my wife swam to me. She got help and got me into the boat. I was blue and had no detectable pulse or respiration. She worked in cardiac rehab for years. She and others did CPR while the boat returned to shore. To make along story short, weeks later I returned to work in Portland, Oregon, as a physician.

    I was taking an alpha-blocking agent (Flo Max) for prostate-related difficulty with urination.

    I thinking I had a substantial diving reflex leading to a very low heart rate. Normally the second part of the reflex is an increase in the blood pressure. The alpha-blocker prevented this. Twenty % of humans develop a very low heart rate when their face is placed in water–the diving reflex.

    It is interesing that the fatal silent snorkeling syndrom is most common in middle-aged men. Just those people who take have trouble with urination and take Flo Max and related drugs.

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